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When using Colphia Arms to process an FFL transfer please follow the steps below to help ensure a smooth transfer. Failure to complete these steps will cause a delay in processing your order.

First, finalize your purchase with the seller. 

Forward the details of your purchase and seller information to

Seller arranges to have the firearm shipped to Colphia Arms.

The seller emails a copy of their FFL to Colphia Arms.

Buyers wait for the gun to arrive at Colphia Arms and for it to be logged into inventory. This might take a couple of days in addition to shipping time. 

Colphia Arms contacts the Buyer to complete the appropriate paperwork online.

Once the background check is completed and approval received from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement system, the Buyer may pick up the firearm at Colphia Arms. At the time of pick up, you will need to arrive with all proper identification and documentation/licenses to show that you can legally purchase and possess the gun.  The fee for our FFL transfer service is $20 and is NOT included in your purchase transaction.  The transfer fee must be paid in cash to Colphia Arms at the time of transfer.

The buyer should closely inspect the gun and verify that the make, model, caliber/gauge, and condition match with what you ordered at the transfer time. Any issues found upon inspection need to be resolved with your seller as Colphia Arms only facilitates the transfer and is not responsible for any issues like quality, damage to the firearm during transit, etc.

We offer a $5 discount on the transfer fee for veterans and first responders, they pay $15 for the transfer. An ID is required to receive this discount.