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These are some questions customers asked before and they are not in any particular order.

1. I'm buying a firearm online for the first time. What do I do?

Please follow these steps:

-  Add the firearm to the cart

- Once on the cart page, enter your zip code and pick an FFL (Federal Firearms Licensee) that will accept your order as an FFL transfer from us. The shipping address of your order should be your FFL's address.

- Checkout like you will do with any other product by entering your billing information.

- Once your order is confirmed, we will contact you to get your FFL's email and/or phone so that we can contact them, get a copy of their license and verify it. 

- We will contact your FFL to make sure that they are aware of your firearm order being transferred and confirm that they are willing to accept the transfer.

- We ship your firearm order to your FFL and forward you the shipment tracking information.

- Once the shipment is delivered to your FFL, you can contact them or they will call you to coordinate the date and time for the order pick up. 

- When you go to your FFL, they will require you to fill ATF Form 4473 to run a background check and a form of ID, usually your driver's license. Your FFL will also charge a fee for the incoming transfer. FFL transfer fee varies, there is no standard, it could be anywhere from $5 per firearm to $50 (!) per firearm, you can shop around to find an FFL with a low fee and willing to do incoming transfers.

- Depending on the result of your background check and/or the state you live in, you should be able to pick up your firearm(s) on the same day or a subsequent date. Your FFL will let you know.

- And that's all to it. If you still need some help, please feel free to use the live chat or email us at We typically respond to chat requests and emails within 30 minutes.

2. Do You Ship Ammunition to California?

Yes, we do. However, we cannot directly ship to your address. The order will have to ship to an FFL or CA Ammunition dealer of your choice. Once you place your ammunition order, please email us your FFL/CA dealer's name, address, email, and phone. We'll ship your order directly to them with the order invoice enclosed which will indicate the end customer (you). Like every order, we will provide you with tracking once the order is shipped and it's your responsibility to coordinate the order pick-up with the FFL/CA dealer.

3. I live in New York and lots of online retailers do not ship ammunition to NY. Do you ship ammunition to NY?

Yes, we do. However, if you live in any of the five boroughs of NYC, sorry no ammo for you. If you live in Rochester and Buffalo, we'll have to ship to a gun store and you need to pick it up from there. 

4. Do you ship ammunition to Connecticut, Illinois, or New Jersey?

Yes, we ship to all these states but there is a document required for each of them.

Connecticut: Carry permit

Illinois: FOID

New Jersey: FPIC

You can email the picture of the document to Please note that unless you send us the document we will not be shipping your order. If the required document not received within 10 days of the order date your order will be canceled. 

5. How long does it take to ship my ammo order?

We typically ship ammo orders within 2-3 business days. 

6.  I placed my order days ago and never received tracking details, what's going on?

Most likely you checked out as a guest in which case our site is not set up to give real-time shipping updates. Please email us at and we'll provide you the latest shipping status of your order.

7. Does Colphia Arms store my payment card information?

No. All credit card transactions are encrypted to meet the latest PCI (Payment Card Industry) standards and not stored on our website.

8. I represent a government (local/state/federal) agency and do you accept purchase orders?

We currently do not accept purchase orders or any deferred payment terms like Net 15, Net 30, etc.,. All orders must be submitted on our website.

9. Why did you cancel my order?

While it's a very rare occurrence we do end up canceling an order for reasons like the ones below.

- Customer fails to provide the documentation needed within a specified period of time.

- Item was in stock at the time of order but is now in backorder.

- Unforeseen delay in fulfilling the order.

- FFL information not provided within a specified time, this applies to firearm orders from all states we ship to and ammo orders from California and some parts of New York state.

- In the event of a product pricing error we made and an order is placed for that product before we rectify the erroneous price.

10. The ammo I bought on your storefront does not cycle in my firearms, can I return it?

As per our store policy, it is the customer's responsibility to make sure the ammunition they are buying will cycle in their firearm before submitting the order. All ammunition and firearms sales are final, no returns will be accepted on these items.  Please reference our store policies here for further information on returns.

11. I just placed an order, made an error, can I cancel it?

Our cancellation policy: all order cancellations will be subject to 15% cancellation fee. If the order has been processed for shipment (tracking number assigned to the order), it will be subjected to an additional $25 restocking fee.